Oil Cleansing Method (OCM)

I wonder if all the people that ever started oil cleansing stick with it consistently or get dragged back to washing their faces another way once in a while, like me.Well I for one started oil cleansing just under a year ago and definitely like it. The only part I didn’t like is the multiple face cloths I went through but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.
I have to be honest I was consistently doing this at night and washing my face with honey in the morning for a long stretch and then I got distracted with soap making and started using my soaps that I found gentle enough for my skin. Now I’m back doing oil cleansing in the evenings and honey in the mornings.
I love how my skin feels super hydrated and it takes off ALL my makeup easily no fuss. There are tons of blogs and resources out there for recipes on oil cleansing and proportions and what combinations of oil to use and so on. I could go on forever.
This site called Purified Skincare could help out a beginner with some info.
What it comes down to is experimentation on what works on your skin. I have combination to dry skin most of the time and mild breakouts about 2 weeks out of the month. (Girls you know what I’m talking about) Here is the recipe I’m using right now.


Storing oils in dark glass bottles are ideal

Oil cleansing recipe                                                              2 oz bottle

~1 oz Sweet Almond oil/Avocado oil
~1 oz Ricebran oil /Jojoba oil
12 drops Essential oil blend (tea tree, carrot seed oil, rose geranium)

When I initially started this I did breakout a bit more than usual but I didn’t quite panic, as I had read around that this could happen to some people. Eventually after 2 weeks my skin cleared and was good to go. I stuck with it. Basically you massage the oil onto your face (I use 3 pumps) gentle but thorough and then you put a steamed towel over your face (run my towel under warm/hot water and wring it out) let it sit there till the towel cools and wipe your face. I do it twice or three times. Make sure you get all the oil off. Then you can leave your face as is or do you ritual of toner and moisturizer. Sometimes I leave it such (lazy nights) and sometimes I tone and use my serum..see previous post Skin Serum (Moisturizer)