New Challenge

It has been a long past year and still going. I have experienced some personal challenges/difficulties that I will not get into. Of course there were ups during the long periods but my general anxiety level has been high and is still generally high. I am working towards solving these issues. Moving on….

On another note SP and I have decided to try going vegan for the month of July so I will be posting some recipes. What brought about trying this out? Well gotta love Netflix…. we watched “What the Health” and though having studied health sciences/kinesiology during my school years, some things were new to me. I think a lot of us have become inured to what we eat; you don’t think about the process of which you get your food. I’m not saying that this applies to everyone but some of us just ignore the fact or we truly are not educated to the process of the food we eat go through.

On some level watching this show did affect me. I’m not saying I will completely be vegan and banish everything out of my life from now on but I will try to be more aware. So trying this for a month I will see how I feel and if it is something I will permanently stick to. Mostly for my health because I don’t know if I could go through my closet or makeup and start throwing everything out. My thinking is better to try and make an impact on some level than not at all.

Of course most recipes I will be trying will be stolen from the world of Pinterest and I will credit the authors when their recipes are used. Heres to being healthier and kinder to my body and the other living creatures.

Sara xo


Health Food Spot

Theres this little health food spot that opened up by me. It is yummy convenient and guilt free in my opinion. Great way for me to stick to clean eating when I get lazy to prep or cook my meals. The place is called Good To Go and so far everything I’ve tried I have loved.

Their menu is limited but that is definitely not a problem. Their food so far has been fresh (at least when I get them) and satisfying. Their prices are comparable/cheaper to a lot of other health food spots . They have smoothies, salads, wraps and soup. Mind you I have only had 4 items from their menu as I make my smoothies daily at home so I don’t generally spend money on smoothies.

Burrito bowl with guacamole dressing

Their hours are 9:30 to 5pm, so I guess its more lunch crowd than anything else. So far I’m happy with this place as it is convenient on lazy days. My favourite so far is the burrito bowl with guacamole dressing. But really the wraps I’ve had (Turkey and pesto chicken) are just as good and filling and so is the godzilla salad.

Godzilla Salad

So if anyone that does drive by the area I definitely recommend stopping by and grabbing a bite here. Laterz.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 6.18.39 PM
104-450 East Columbia St, New Westminster, BC

Sara xo

The 7th..Final Day

I’m all done with the 7 day diet plan and honestly it was not difficult to follow at all. I think what helped was my eating habits leading to this 7 day diet, I had been eating cleaner and was doing smoothies every morning. I was also prepping food for few days at a time and had snacks handy. So no dirty eating meant this 7 day diet was a breeze. Apart from that cheat on day 6 for date night. Which still makes me feel really guilty.

Overall doing this diet make me felt satiated, my gut health was way better, there was no bloating or gassiness etc. and cravings didn’t hit hard at all! Now I think thats amazing for a diet. Lets be honest when you think of a diet you go oh god how am I gonna deal with cravings? will I be strong enough to not indulge etc. etc. Well for me at least thats what goes through my head. With this I swear I didn’t feel like that at all. I could easily say no when SP offered me jubes jubes or crisps and I didn’t go looking for excuses to grab junk food. For the last day I just did a smoothie and the curry dish that was suppose to be the day 6 dinner.I subbed the Chocolate Orange smoothie for a Chocolate Coconut as well.

Vegetable curry & Chocolate Coconut Green Thickie

Initially when I was cooking (which only took 30 minutes from start to finish) this I thought to myself oh god thats a lot of food, but really it isn’t when you are not eating anything else with it except salad. This was yummy and so was the smoothie.

What it comes down to though, for  me at least, this diet kept me off junk and made me feel good but was not enough to lose weight. Maybe if I was doing hardcore workouts I would lose some (I was doing moderate 3 times a week weights) but otherwise this is just a good healthy alternative to implement once a month or so just to change things up. On the up side I have felt so extremely guilty eating meals that have processed food or having white bread since this 7 day thing ended yesterday….yes its only been one day and I feel like I should be eating as I have been the past week.

As for now SP is hounding me to go cook the pork belly slices we bought…Laterz

Sara xo

Day 3, 4, 5 & 6!

Who forgets to take pictures of food these days?? Well.. ME. It seems that we are inundated with food pictures on a daily basis right? I forgot to take a pic of dinner for day 5. It was just whole wheat pasta with pesto sauce with spinach and salad, so you can picture that easily enough.

Anyways I am on the last day of the 7 Day Diet Plan by Katherine Kyle at Green Thickies and I have to say I definitely didn’t lose weight but my gut health is better and my cravings were absolutely manageable I had no problem ignoring junk food which is hard when you work evening shifts and don’t go to bed 5-6 hours after dinner.

Down side though I did have a cheat night last night because my friend had a dinner night planned and we were suppose to go to Sammy J Peppers. My friend couldn’t make it and SP decided to make it a date night. I just had to say yes because date night has been so so rare lately. I think I’ll try and do a light detox in a couple of weeks since I feel guilty having a cheat night. I just hate it when I don’t stick to something because I chastise myself after the fact.

DAY 3:Apple Coconut Green Thickie, Salad w Asian dressing & Mushroom & White Bean Chilli w Brown rice.
DAY 4: Apple & Mango Green Thickie for breakfast & lunch & Whole Grain wrap with hummus and half an avocado with salad
DAY 5: Waldorf Salad Green Thickie (don’t let the name gross you out, it really is not bad at all) for breakfast & dinner. Whole Wheat pasta with pesto sauce and spinach for dinner (you can picture what that looks like yourself)

For day 6 I was lazy to bake a potato so I added some hummus in addition to my fillings for my salad. It was tough to finish. SO filling! I didn’t eat all of my dinner it was way too much pasta though I did eat all the seafood!

DAY 6: Lemon Meringue Pie Green Thickie (really does taste like it), Salad with white beans & hummus and cheat dinner of seafood Pasta

One more day and it will be a wrap! Laterz

Sara xo


Prepped Food

Time after time I’ve chastised myself on not prepping my food ahead of time. For me this is a major cause of grabbing convenient unhealthy stuff when I’m hungry. For this little diet I’m doing, there were some things I could do to help reduce food preparation time. These items could keep for a few so I wasn’t worried, plus I could always freeze it if I had excess.

Salad enough for 5 servings, Date Paste made from scratch and an oil free Hummus.

The date paste recipe came from Green Thickies and the recipe for the hummus came from Carrie On Living.

Tomorrow I will post and update on day 3 & 4. So far I am not sure if I have lost any weight but oh well at least I feel good and thats important as well. Laterz.

Sara xo

Day 1 & 2

Hi! So as I mentioned in an earlier post I was going to start the Green Thickie 7 day diet plan by Katherine Kyle at Green Thickies. Day 1 and day 2 are in the bag and I must say it has not been as difficult as I though it might be. I did get a bit hungry before dinner on day 1 and SP offered me pork chops and corn for dinner. Proud to say I turned it down in favour of keeping up with my resolution.

I will post some pictures of what I had but won’t be providing any recipes as it’s copyrighted and I paid for it etc. But you will get the gist of what I’m feeding my body. For mid afternoon snacks it’s some nuts and a small fruit but what you see here is pretty much all I ate otherwise. I did find eating my full dinner a little difficult as the portion was big for me but I gobbled it down as it’s mostly veggies. It keeps me satiated and satisfied and I’m able to turn down sweets and desserts. FYI it takes me a while to finish my smoothie as it’s so filling.

For Day 1 I had the same salad with a sweet potato. I am suppose to have a salad with my dinner but I just could not stomach it I was too full.

Lunch stays the same all week unless I swap it out for a smoothie. Sweet Grapefruit & Orange smoothie & Satay Noodles with Veg

So far so good. Though I found out I am not a big fan of citrus smoothies when I have mylk or any extra goodies (oats, seeds, nuts etc.) mixed in. I prefer my citrus smoothies with water and berries.

Will be back with more updates!  Laterz..

Sara xo


Smoothie Challenge

Its the end of another week and I have been eating fairly healthy and meal prepping for a few days at a time (best thing I’ve done). Now I am going to challenge myself and try the “7 Day Diet Plan” challenge courtesy of Katherine Kyle from Green Thickies.

I am excited to try this and will be going to the grocery store shortly to grab some of the perishable items as I have almost all pantry items in stock. I will try and post an update every other day about how I’m feeling with some pictures of course.

I think it would be challenging but not so much so that I would cheat or quit. I’ve tried some of her recipes and I’ve been addicted to her Coconut Mango thickie.

Heres to prepping for a new healthy week!…. and hopefully a few pounds lighter. Im off to shop!

Laterz! xo