Vegan Spelt Pancakes

Pancakes!! Who doesn’t love them? Well okay SP doesn’t (weirdo). This was my first meal of day one going vegan for a month. I just had to start with something I’d eat whether I am vegan or not, plus it was the weekend..

One guess as to where I found this recipe… yup I bet you know it. Pinterest. Probably my biggest time waster. This recipe is from the pretty bee I followed her recipe pretty much to a T. The only exception was I didn’t have white spelt flour just the regular which looks a bit like whole wheat and I added some vanilla extract because its a habit when it comes to my pancakes or crepes.

                Vegan Pancakes (it doesn’t look white as I used regular spelt flour)


Also note that when you first mix the batter it seems a bit more runny but when you give it a good 5 minutes or so wait (as she mentions in the recipe) the batter will be perfect for fluffy pancakes so don’t fret and add more flour or you will ruin it! Though I can’t comment if you use other flours as I have not tried.

I think it is a must try recipe whether you are vegan or not. Especially if you know people with tons of allergies. Enjoy!

Recipe courtesy of Kelly from the pretty bee

Sara xo

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