New Challenge

It has been a long past year and still going. I have experienced some personal challenges/difficulties that I will not get into. Of course there were ups during the long periods but my general anxiety level has been high and is still generally high. I am working towards solving these issues. Moving on….

On another note SP and I have decided to try going vegan for the month of July so I will be posting some recipes. What brought about trying this out? Well gotta love Netflix…. we watched “What the Health” and though having studied health sciences/kinesiology during my school years, some things were new to me. I think a lot of us have become inured to what we eat; you don’t think about the process of which you get your food. I’m not saying that this applies to everyone but some of us just ignore the fact or we truly are not educated to the process of the food we eat go through.

On some level watching this show did affect me. I’m not saying I will completely be vegan and banish everything out of my life from now on but I will try to be more aware. So trying this for a month I will see how I feel and if it is something I will permanently stick to. Mostly for my health because I don’t know if I could go through my closet or makeup and start throwing everything out. My thinking is better to try and make an impact on some level than not at all.

Of course most recipes I will be trying will be stolen from the world of Pinterest and I will credit the authors when their recipes are used. Heres to being healthier and kinder to my body and the other living creatures.

Sara xo


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