Josie Maran’s Cleansing Oil

So I’ve strayed from my DIY oil cleansing recently and decided to try a store bought cleansing oil from Josie Maran’s line for my nightly routine. It’s been almost 3 weeks and you know what, I am happy with it. Mind you I could just as easily make a version of this cleansing oil  with a little research if I wanted to. The ingredients are pretty straight forward and I have most of them at home. It was just one of those things when you want to shop and buy something different.

I don’t mind putting these ingredients on my skin

I definitely recommend this if you are lazy to make your own oil mixture for OCM or are looking for an alternative to the traditional DIY OCM. It takes off my makeup completely and my face feels clean and not stripped. My skin leans more towards the dry side so this is good news for me.

I also find my hormonal breakouts don’t seem as bad and don’t linger forever. Who knows maybe it is a combination of other things but either way I do love this cleansing oil. So if I’m not making my own I will definitely splurge on this. I got this at Sephora and paid CDN$40(plus tax) for it. That is a splurge for me as DIY face cleansing is WAY cheaper.



As you can see I have not used much of this and I have had it for just over 2 weeks. The directions do tell you to use 3 to 4 pumps but I find that is way too much for me so I use 2 maybe 3 pumps. I use this daily at night as it gets all the gunk off my face. Overall it for my occasional splurge, works well and gentle on the skin and knowing that it doesn’t have crazy things in it is a huge plus. Laterz

Sara xo





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