Health Food Spot

Theres this little health food spot that opened up by me. It is yummy convenient and guilt free in my opinion. Great way for me to stick to clean eating when I get lazy to prep or cook my meals. The place is called Good To Go and so far everything I’ve tried I have loved.

Their menu is limited but that is definitely not a problem. Their food so far has been fresh (at least when I get them) and satisfying. Their prices are comparable/cheaper to a lot of other health food spots . They have smoothies, salads, wraps and soup. Mind you I have only had 4 items from their menu as I make my smoothies daily at home so I don’t generally spend money on smoothies.

Burrito bowl with guacamole dressing

Their hours are 9:30 to 5pm, so I guess its more lunch crowd than anything else. So far I’m happy with this place as it is convenient on lazy days. My favourite so far is the burrito bowl with guacamole dressing. But really the wraps I’ve had (Turkey and pesto chicken) are just as good and filling and so is the godzilla salad.

Godzilla Salad

So if anyone that does drive by the area I definitely recommend stopping by and grabbing a bite here. Laterz.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 6.18.39 PM
104-450 East Columbia St, New Westminster, BC

Sara xo

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