The 7th..Final Day

I’m all done with the 7 day diet plan and honestly it was not difficult to follow at all. I think what helped was my eating habits leading to this 7 day diet, I had been eating cleaner and was doing smoothies every morning. I was also prepping food for few days at a time and had snacks handy. So no dirty eating meant this 7 day diet was a breeze. Apart from that cheat on day 6 for date night. Which still makes me feel really guilty.

Overall doing this diet make me felt satiated, my gut health was way better, there was no bloating or gassiness etc. and cravings didn’t hit hard at all! Now I think thats amazing for a diet. Lets be honest when you think of a diet you go oh god how am I gonna deal with cravings? will I be strong enough to not indulge etc. etc. Well for me at least thats what goes through my head. With this I swear I didn’t feel like that at all. I could easily say no when SP offered me jubes jubes or crisps and I didn’t go looking for excuses to grab junk food. For the last day I just did a smoothie and the curry dish that was suppose to be the day 6 dinner.I subbed the Chocolate Orange smoothie for a Chocolate Coconut as well.

Vegetable curry & Chocolate Coconut Green Thickie

Initially when I was cooking (which only took 30 minutes from start to finish) this I thought to myself oh god thats a lot of food, but really it isn’t when you are not eating anything else with it except salad. This was yummy and so was the smoothie.

What it comes down to though, for  me at least, this diet kept me off junk and made me feel good but was not enough to lose weight. Maybe if I was doing hardcore workouts I would lose some (I was doing moderate 3 times a week weights) but otherwise this is just a good healthy alternative to implement once a month or so just to change things up. On the up side I have felt so extremely guilty eating meals that have processed food or having white bread since this 7 day thing ended yesterday….yes its only been one day and I feel like I should be eating as I have been the past week.

As for now SP is hounding me to go cook the pork belly slices we bought…Laterz

Sara xo

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