Day 3, 4, 5 & 6!

Who forgets to take pictures of food these days?? Well.. ME. It seems that we are inundated with food pictures on a daily basis right? I forgot to take a pic of dinner for day 5. It was just whole wheat pasta with pesto sauce with spinach and salad, so you can picture that easily enough.

Anyways I am on the last day of the 7 Day Diet Plan by Katherine Kyle at Green Thickies and I have to say I definitely didn’t lose weight but my gut health is better and my cravings were absolutely manageable I had no problem ignoring junk food which is hard when you work evening shifts and don’t go to bed 5-6 hours after dinner.

Down side though I did have a cheat night last night because my friend had a dinner night planned and we were suppose to go to Sammy J Peppers. My friend couldn’t make it and SP decided to make it a date night. I just had to say yes because date night has been so so rare lately. I think I’ll try and do a light detox in a couple of weeks since I feel guilty having a cheat night. I just hate it when I don’t stick to something because I chastise myself after the fact.

DAY 3:Apple Coconut Green Thickie, Salad w Asian dressing & Mushroom & White Bean Chilli w Brown rice.
DAY 4: Apple & Mango Green Thickie for breakfast & lunch & Whole Grain wrap with hummus and half an avocado with salad
DAY 5: Waldorf Salad Green Thickie (don’t let the name gross you out, it really is not bad at all) for breakfast & dinner. Whole Wheat pasta with pesto sauce and spinach for dinner (you can picture what that looks like yourself)

For day 6 I was lazy to bake a potato so I added some hummus in addition to my fillings for my salad. It was tough to finish. SO filling! I didn’t eat all of my dinner it was way too much pasta though I did eat all the seafood!

DAY 6: Lemon Meringue Pie Green Thickie (really does taste like it), Salad with white beans & hummus and cheat dinner of seafood Pasta

One more day and it will be a wrap! Laterz

Sara xo


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