Day 1 & 2

Hi! So as I mentioned in an earlier post I was going to start the Green Thickie 7 day diet plan by Katherine Kyle at Green Thickies. Day 1 and day 2 are in the bag and I must say it has not been as difficult as I though it might be. I did get a bit hungry before dinner on day 1 and SP offered me pork chops and corn for dinner. Proud to say I turned it down in favour of keeping up with my resolution.

I will post some pictures of what I had but won’t be providing any recipes as it’s copyrighted and I paid for it etc. But you will get the gist of what I’m feeding my body. For mid afternoon snacks it’s some nuts and a small fruit but what you see here is pretty much all I ate otherwise. I did find eating my full dinner a little difficult as the portion was big for me but I gobbled it down as it’s mostly veggies. It keeps me satiated and satisfied and I’m able to turn down sweets and desserts. FYI it takes me a while to finish my smoothie as it’s so filling.

For Day 1 I had the same salad with a sweet potato. I am suppose to have a salad with my dinner but I just could not stomach it I was too full.

Lunch stays the same all week unless I swap it out for a smoothie. Sweet Grapefruit & Orange smoothie & Satay Noodles with Veg

So far so good. Though I found out I am not a big fan of citrus smoothies when I have mylk or any extra goodies (oats, seeds, nuts etc.) mixed in. I prefer my citrus smoothies with water and berries.

Will be back with more updates!  Laterz..

Sara xo



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